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■「胸部X線:健康診断で廃止検討、有効性に疑問 厚労省」
(毎日新聞 2005/7/17)
■「専門家による検討会」の委員 帝京大学公衆衛生学 矢野 栄二教授の講演内容
■ 胸部X線検査による肺がん検診では「肺がんによる死亡率は、喀痰検査を併用した胸部X線検査と胸部X線検査単独との間に、統計的な有意差はなかった。頻回のX線検査を行うと、頻繁でない検診に比べて、肺がん死亡率が 11% 増加した」等の Cochrane Review です (上記のニュースとの関連性は不明です)
From The Cochrane Library, Issue 2, 2005. Chichester, UK:
John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. All rights reserved.
Screening for lung cancer (Cochrane Review)
Manser RL, Irving LB, Stone C, Byrnes G, Abramson M, Campbell D
[要約 abstract の一部のみ引用します]

Main results: Seven trials were included (6 randomised controlled studies and 1 non-randomised controlled trial) with a total of 245,610 subjects. There were no studies with an unscreened control group. Frequent screening with chest x-rays was associated with an 11% relative increase in mortality from lung cancer compared with less frequent screening (RR 1.11, CI: 1.00-1.23). A non statistically significant trend was observed to reduced mortality from lung cancer when screening with chest x-ray and sputum cytology was compared with chest x-ray alone (RR 0.88, CI:0.74-1.03). Several of the included studies had potential methodological weaknesses. There were no controlled studies of spiral CT.

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2005/07/17 @ 16:35

カテゴリー: EBM


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