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Q fever – recordings – international conference held in Breda

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ProMED-mail Archive Number 20100227.0656
Published Date 27-FEB-2010
Subject PRO/AH/EDR> Q fever – Netherlands (17): international response

During 25-26 Feb 2010, an international conference, entitled “One Health in relation to Q fever, in humans and animals”, was held in Breda, south Netherlands. …

ProMED-mail Archive Number 20100303.0703
Published Date 03-MAR-2010
Subject PRO/AH> Q fever – Netherlands (18): update & review

official abstracts, proceedingsではありませんが、ProMED-mail 20100303.0703で記録(要約)を読むことができます。

Date: Wed, 3 Feb 2010

1. Christianne Bruschke (Ministry-CVO) – Actual veterinary situation and developments in the Netherlands

2. Yvonne van Duynhoven (RIVM) – The story of human Q-fever in the Netherlands

3. Francisco Reviriego Gordejo (DGSANCO) – Q-fever: the EU public and animal health legislative context

3. Pia Makela (EFSA) – Current reporting and monitoring of Q-fever in animals in EU

4. Denis Coulombier (ECDC) – Implications for public health in the EU

5. Jeannette van de Ven (ZLTO) – The meaning and consequences of Q-fever for farmers in general and especially the situation of goat farming

6. Annie Rodolakis (France) – Q-fever in France – An elaborate description of the Q-fever situation in France where most human cases were due to infection in sheep herds.

7. Stephen Graves (Australia) – Epidemiology and the role of human vaccination

8. Martin Ganter (Germany) – Q-fever in Germany

9. Paula Menzies (Canada) – Q-fever & Coxiellosis in Canada
  Christine Bijl’s recorded minutes の文章中 Ontario州の対応等は
  ProMED-mail Archive Number 20100306.0742 で訂正されました。

2nd day: 26 Feb 2010

Chairman: Frits Pluimers (former Ministry CVO)

10. Benaouda Kadra (CEVA) – Q-fever: Vaccine production and control

11. Hendrik-Jan Roest (CVI) – Diagnosis, genotyping, virulence and culture of _C. burnetii_ in the Netherlands

12. Richard Thiery (AFSSA) – Results of EFSA’s grant on improving harmonised Q-fever monitoring in the EU

13. Dimitrios Frangoulidis (Germany) – _Coxiella burnetii_ – stability in the environment and molecular typing

14. Piet Vellema (Animal Health Service Deventer) – Research in relation to the approach of Q-fever

Communicated by:
Christine Bijl
European Livestock Association (ELA) Secretary
Kootwijkerbroek, The Netherlands

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2010/03/04 @ 15:14

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