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rabies – a major public health issue in China – fake vaccines

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ProMED-mail Archive Number 20100927.3498
Published Date 27-SEP-2010
Subject PRO/AH/EDR> Rabies – China: (GI) counterfeit human vaccine
Date: Sun 26 Sep 2010
Source:, Xinhua News Agency report [edited]

中国南部 Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region 広西チワン族自治区で小児 1人の死亡原因となった偽狂犬病ワクチンを製造販売した 8人逮捕 (地方薬事当局発表 [26 Sep 2010])。本年 1月からの 2か月間で 1263回分の偽薬発見。このうち、約 1214回分はすでに使用された。4歳児は同自治区 Laibin City 来賓(らいひん)市 Xinbin District 興賓(こうひん)区の本人が住む村で犬 1匹に咬まれて3週後死亡。

[Mod. CP氏解説:感染死でなく副作用と思われる。
Since the incubation period for rabies virus infection in humans may vary from a few days to several years, but typically is 1 to 3 months, it is likely that death of the 4-year-old child 3 weeks after being bitten by a dog can be attributed to the fake vaccine rather than disease. No other adverse outcomes have been reported so far.

Rabies has emerged as a major public health issue in China. Last year [2009] China was 2nd only to India in the number of human deaths caused by rabies. Around 2000 people per year in China die from rabies.

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2010/09/29 @ 08:55

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