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Queensland – dengue virus 3 – epidemic 2008

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ProMED-mail 20091115.3944
Published Date 15-NOV-2009
Subject Dengue/DHF update 2009 (47)

[6] Australia (Queensland)
Date: Fri 13 Nov 2009
Source: ABC [Australian Broadcasting Corp.] News [edited]

州衛生当局が50年で最悪の流行の終息宣言をしてから、ちょうど3か月後、クイーンズランド州北部ではデング熱が再来した。夏の降雨が非常に早く、Cairnsでも長雨だった。ケアンズ住民 3人は それぞれ Malaysia, India, Viet Namへ旅行後、デング熱と診断された(2型)。Townsvilleの患者1名は旅行歴なし(1型)。2008年流行で1000人以上が感染したが、2009年はじめからの患者の大多数 (90%)は 3型だった。
州の衛生動物(昆虫)学者によると、「前回の流行時感染した住民が 1,2,4型に感染すると、より重篤なデング熱による合併症を来たす・・・」

Dr Montgomery is concerned about those people who had dengue last season catching it again. “If you had dengue 3 earlier this year [2009], you definitely do not want to catch dengue [virus] 2 or 1 or 4 this year, because that’s when we see these more severe complications of dengue,” he said. “But our response is to control mosquitoes irrespective of what type they’re carrying. So our take-home message from this is if you’re developing any sort of dengue type symptoms, don’t waste any time in getting to a doctor and getting a blood test. Either that’ll assure you that you don’t have dengue or it would say that you have got dengue and will determine where Queensland Health and the local councils can respond.”
So far, dengue fever has only struck in Queensland’s north, but infectious diseases experts say the virus is likely to be common in all Australian capital cities by 2050. They say the spread of urban water tanks and increasing warmer weather may see dengue spread south.

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