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nosocomial – Non-tuberculous mycobacterium

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ProMED-mail Archive Number 20100127.0296
Published Date 27-JAN-2010
Subject PRO/EDR> Non-tuberculous mycobacterium, nosocomial – China: (GD) RFI
China: Caesarean section (18 cases) , post-surgery infection (166 cases)

ProMED-mail Archive Number 20100128.0308
Published Date 28-JAN-2010
Subject PRO> Non-tuberculous mycobacterium, nosocomial – China (02): background

他の非結核性抗酸菌 non-tuberculous mycobacterium (NTM)感染症
Argentina: mesotherapy[メソセラピー 脂肪溶解]
Brazil: silicone breast implant surgery, myopia surgery, video-assisted surgery, breast implant surgery
Canada: acupuncture
Colombia: contaminated lidocaine
Dominican Republic: liposuction, cosmetic surgery
France: discitis [infection in the
intervertebral disc space], tattoo parlor, mesotherapy
Hong Kong: sternotomy
India: contaminated water, contaminated laparoscopic equipment
Israel: breast implant surgery, contaminated faucet[蛇口]
Mexico: post-rhinoplasty
Peru: mesotherapy
Republic of Korea: acupuncture, intramuscular injection(antimicrobial agent), contaminated glutaraldehyde disinfectant used in acupuncture
Spain: mesotherapy

United States:
contaminated water, jet injector, electromyography needle, adrenal cortex extract, contaminated benzalkonium chloride, contaminated footbaths, cosmetic substances, liposuction, rhytidectomy [facelift] 顔のしわ取り(contaminated methylene blue solution), surgical implants, cosmetic surgery, tattoo

Venezuela: mesotherapy

[Prof Steve Berger sent in the following item from Gideon that helps to place outbreaks of non-tuberculous mycobacteria (NTM) infections in perspective. – Mod.ML]

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